My name is Ali Rahimi Kalahroudi (Written as “علی رحیمی‌کلهرودی” in my native language—Persian). I am currently working as a data scientist at Café Bazaar—the largest applications and mobile games store in Iran with more than 40 million users. I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science at the Sharif University of Technology.

I am interested in building practical intelligent machines that not only can interact amongst themselves but also with humans. I want to draw inspiration from the human brain’s concepts to both construct and evaluate them.

While I am not doing science, I enjoy reading books, watching movies, playing football and volleyball, and hiking.


Current research interests:

  • (Deep) Reinforcement Learning
  • Continual Learning


  • I will be starting my master’s studies at MILA—Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, in Computer Science under the supervision of Professor Sarath Chandar.